Proffesional Management  

Barindo corporation

The Barindo Corporations entire operation is located on one site in Jalan Simopomahan industrial area of Surabaya. There are separate administration, Research and Development offices, foundry, machining plant and assembly lines each have their own testing facilities. Barindo specializes in the manufacture of valves, water meters, and computer-controlled water meter testing machines. The factory is well served by major road and is within easy reach of the port airport and with related government offices nearby.


The Barindo Corporation feels that an innovative management approach is the key to realization of its goals. By constantly, up grading the companys technical expertise and by anticipating future challenges in production, marketing and consumer relations, Barindo. ensures its customers the very level of service. Management professionalism will always remain a top priority.


Every aspect of  the organization of the Barindo corporation is computerized and the latest computer technology ensures that the highest organizational standards are maintained. Nevertheless, the human element is still a highly important part of all its operation. recognizing this, Barindo is committed to intensive service employee training.


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